Limitless Communications is an outsourced brand marketing and communications specialist. It provides a comprehensive service for all its clients, specialising in brand awareness, customer acquisition, tracking and monitoring results and overall offers a superior marketing experience for their clients.


Limitless Communications was set up by Richard Moller after spending the last 3 years becoming an expert in every aspect of the brand marketing and communication field. Richard has worked closely with some of the most successful names in the industry both in the UK and Ireland, to ensure he had a full understanding in every aspect of any campaign. This level of expertise has allowed the Managing Director to provide an unrivalled level of commitment to any client demand.

At Limitless Communications, Richard Moller ensures the most comprehensive campaign is researched and designed to not only enhance client satisfaction but generate results beyond their expectations.


To create and maintain a standard strong enough to overcome both individual and collective obstacles… Never standing still, always looking forward and never back… Offering an environment all strive to be part of…

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Brand Integrity vs Exposure

Limitless Communication’s services not only offer a forward thinking, direct approach to brand awareness, but makes sure that every individual delivering that awareness understands and believes in that brand. This guarantees the integrity of all its clients’ brands throughout any campaign.

Commitment to Progression

Limitless Communications focuses on attracting ambitious and committed individuals to ensure the company’s mission of always moving forward is maintained. No matter by how much, Limitless Communications and all those associated with the business strive daily to make sure the company delivers its promise to growth and improvement.

Culture of Learning

Within the walls of Limitless Communication, sustaining a culture of constant learning and development is an essential part of the company’s success. The firm has created a working environment where questions are encouraged, and a sales force that is always striving to broaden their skill sets in all areas of the industry.